“Minjok” Zine


Introducing “Minjok: Understanding Korean Identity Through the Gun”

Dive into the heart of Korean American culture with “Minjok: Understanding Korean Identity Through the Gun.” This engaging zine combines captivating artwork, informative graphics, and insightful narratives to shed light on the complexities of Korean identity.

In “Minjok,” we explore themes like race, ethnicity, and heritage, offering a fresh perspective on how these aspects shape our understanding of ourselves and our community. Author Yoon challenges conventional views by drawing parallels between Korean identity and the symbolism of a gun.

Rather than portraying guns in the usual light, “Minjok” redefines their significance, highlighting themes of resilience and empowerment. Through compelling imagery and thought-provoking analysis, readers gain new insights into the enduring strength of the Korean people.

If you’re intrigued by culture and identity, “Minjok” is a must-read. Order your copy today and embark on a journey of exploration and enlightenment.


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A4 size zine printed on gloss paper with beautiful saturated color.